I was skeptical... but it changed! I'm healthier and happier, can't believe it was so simple.
Evelyn Pront
Evelyn Pront
Amsterdam, Netherlands
We are excited for patients & physicians. Now they can explore music listening as non-pharmacological treatment.
P. Modesti
P. Modesti
Professor University of Florence
IT WORKS! I thought it is too easy and simple to be true but I got the best BPM results ever.
Thierry Lambert
Thierry Lambert
It has been shown that music therapy not only reduced blood pressure, heart rate and patient anxiety but had a significant effect on future events, including reinfection and death.
DR. Predrag Mitroviv
ESC congress 2009, Barcelona

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How it works

TopoMelody - BPMT technology and unique modes
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Combining a superior blood pressure monitor with the BPMT technology (music therapy system),
TopoMelody enables you to measure and improve!
(See also our 30 days program)

Music Therapy Mode

Music Therapy Mode

Listen daily to our unique music and improve your blood pressure

Stress-Free Measurement

Stress-Free Measurement

Get most true & accurate results (avoiding the white-coat syndrome) by using Music+Measurement mode

Just Measure

Just Measure

Measurement-Only Mode – traditional blood pressure method

30 Days Program

Easy to Use

Lead you the way while taking into account normal human weakness.

Life Changing Program

Proceed to a different way of feeling at your own pace and ability.

Enjoyable Process

More than just measure, relaxation was all we wanted long ago...


Special features

Unique 3 Modes + Music Therapy

Irregular Heartbeat Detection & Automatic Pressurization

120 Memories in Two Groups with Date and Time

Last 3 Tests Average

Scientifically Supported, PAT Pending

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