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Normal blood pressure is anything below 120/80. Hypertension is defined as blood pressure of 140/90 or higher.

There’s no cure for high blood pressure, but there is treatment with diet, lifestyle habits, and medications.

Personal blood pressure monitors have the potential for extreme accuracy, if calibrated to the dot, clinically validated and correctly used. The clinical validation for most blood pressure monitors is done by impartial and independent medical professionals. This ensures a precise validation and a quality assurance.

There are no health risks and no possibility of bodily harm from the usage of this device at home. If you do experience any discomfort via potentially incorrect application or the tightness of the cuff, consult with your medical professional or read the instructions regarding cuff application.

The usual battery life of a monitor can vary by usage and standby time. The TOPO Melody has a battery lasting 2 months, on 3 tests per day.

It has a memory of 120 measurements, in 2 groups. This means that 2 people can monitor their blood pressure, with their measurements sorted separately, along with the time and date of measurement.

The cuff is approximately 135 mm wide and 485 mm in length. By comparison, the ‘Medium’ cuff setting fits a 22-36 cm arm.

White Coat Syndrome is when patients exhibit a blood pressure level above their normal, everyday range, which leads to subsequent testing in clinics. This rise in blood pressure can be attributed to the measurement method itself, as well as the wait for results.

Yes, the music featured on our website can be used just to alleviate stress on a daily basis too. Stress is one of the most common problems of our time, as it has a negative physical and mental effect and therefore, should be relieved regularly. Our monitor has a ‘Music Only’ mode that will help you relieve stress on the spot. Other than that, it helps to avoid blood pressure altogether.

No. Neither the device, nor the music or any of the programs can and should be used as a replacement for professional medical treatments and/or procedures.

By downloading the music directly to your mobile device, you can take advantage of the unique stress therapy music on-the-go. You can also listen to the music directly on the website.

You can download it directly from our website, on to your smart phone and your desktop computer. The music can also be downloaded to an SD card from either your computer or your smart phone. You can then insert the SD card into your device and listen. All the available music can be seen on Topo Melody.

When you purchase our blood pressure monitor, there is a number that comes printed on it. You can use this number as a reference when browsing our available music to get it for free. You will also have the access to our life changing 30 days program by using this coupon.

Yes, the music can be listened to on a variety of listening devices such as earphones and headphones, as long as they provide serial connectivity to the device.

You can wipe the outer casing by a dry, soft cloth. DO NOT use abrasive chemicals for cleaning your blood pressure monitor. DO NOT submerge the monitor in water or any liquid. You can clean the cuff by wiping it gently with a soft, slightly wet cloth and a mild, non-abrasive soap.

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