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Combining a superior blood pressure monitor with the BPMT technology (music therapy system).
TopoMelody is the first device enables you to measure and improve!
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Scientifically supported - Studies conducted on music therapy and its relation to the human body have proven that listening to certain tunes can effectively lower blood pressure. TOPOMELODY has applied these studies to blood pressure measurement.
The device has 3 unique modes!

Easy to Use, Accurate Stress-Free Measurement

Music + Measurement Mode (white coat syndrome)
Sit back, Relax and get highly accurate measurements in the comfort of your home. Simply slip the cuff onto your arm, press the "Music + Measurement Mode" ‘Play’ button and listen to our relaxing tunes for 90 seconds before and during measuring, for most pinpoint accurate and real results.
TOPOMELODY overcomes the known fact that blood pressure measurement causes stress which results in inaccurate readings- WHITE COAT SYNDROME. By listening to our relaxing tunes before and during measurement, you ensure the stress-free, true and accurate reading.
Topo Melody BP Monitor Front
woman listens to music to reduce blood pressure

Listen up - Pressure Down

Music Therapy for Blood Pressure Improvement
Simply press "Music Mode" and listen to our music that reduces stress and improve blood pressure. Studies have proven that listening to specific music therapy for 25-30 minutes on a daily basis may leads to significantly lower blood pressure.

Tested and Proven, User Friendly

Topo BPMT technology is scientifically supported and the device validated to meet European and US medical standards. Its system delivered ready-to-use, includes our music therapy, SD card, earphones and the hardware.
Topo measures your systolic and diastolic blood pressure + heart rate, detects irregular heartbeat, shows you last 3 tests average, 2 users data and more...
TopoMelody Package
Blood Pressure Monitor, 2 adults happy

Free program and music download

For better results enjoy the combination of music therapy with our 30 days program.

Music as well as our 30 days program can be downloaded free by using the coupon on your Topo device after purchasing it on the store.

Measurements only mode

Traditional "measurement only" mode is also available!

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