Music Therapy

Years of research have revealed that music has a deep effect on a person's mind & body functions.
It has become a healthcare practice in itself, called music therapy, which employs music for healing.
Those who have practiced music therapy have found various benefits from the usage of music for healing a wide range of conditions; from cancer, to Attention Deficit Disorder in children, from normalizing blood pressure and boosting immune function, to anxiety reduction and much more.

Music has an empowering effect on the body, which can be felt almost instantly. It is hugely effective, quick acting, accessible virtually anywhere and works every time.

Looking at these benefits of using music to heal, it is clear why music therapy is growing in popularity. This popularity has given rise to the inclusion of music therapy experts in the hospital staff, for the purpose of utilizing the unique power of music to alleviate stress, encourage movement, avert depression and even promote healing of more serious afflictions.
Music Therapy by Topo
Following are some tips for a healthy lifestyle.
Integrating these healthy habits with music therapy will help you lower blood pressure.

Stress Reduction
There are several ways to reduce stress for the long term. Listening to relaxing and stress relieving music is the easiest and one of the most effective ways to alleviate stress and prevent high blood pressure. TOPO Melody offers this option while providing a way to monitor blood pressure and heart health as well.

Weight Reduction
Being overweight is a significant health risk. High blood pressure is also very common among overweight individuals, with a majority of them being in serious danger of heart disease. Losing weight can help in maintaining a healthy heart with less chances of hypertension.

Physical and Mental State
Physical activity or exercise can both reduce weight and keep you healthy from the inside. It has been observed that people who exercise regularly are several times less likely to develop high blood pressure than others.

High Sodium Levels
A high sodium content in your daily diet can easily cause high blood pressure, even if you are otherwise healthy. Reducing intake of table salt and salty foods can help cut back on the blood pressure and prevent it from rising above the safe level.

Did You Know...
A blood pressure reduction of just 5 mm can reduce your chances of stroke by a surprising 34 percent, which then lowers risk of heart failure by 21 percent! And all that by a tiny difference of 5 mm!

The Topo Melody Solution

Our specially designed music therapy implements several scientific discoveries on the types and forms of music that positively affect blood pressure.
The therapy program is based on the discoveries of several major European universities.

The research conducted, has shown that listening to music for 25-30 minutes a day for a number of weeks can lower your blood pressure to normal.
This is one of the driving features behind our effort; to combine the best of both worlds, music therapy and direction towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Our music can be used in just about any stressful situation; for nearly instant relaxation.
Need to calm down and get control? Our music will help you achieve that dramatically!

Topo's music can be downloaded into other mobile devices as well, so that you can use it throughout the day, wherever you are.

TopoMelody Package

New unique tunes will be released from time to time.
Please send your suggestions and advice so that we may improve our services and benefit you along the way.

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