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The Effects of Music on Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

Effect of music therapy on blood pressure of individuals with hypertension

Health Sciences, Federal University - UFS, Brazil.
A systematic review and Meta-analysis.
CONCLUSIONS: Music may improve systolic blood pressure and should be considered as a component of care of hypertensive patients.

New Research Shows Listening to 30 Minutes of Music Can Reduce High Blood Pressure

Pietro Modesti –Professorת University of Florence, Italy.
MD, PhD, Professor of Internal Medicine, Dep.Critical Care Medicine.
for the first time, today’s results clearly illustrate the impact daily music listening has on ABP .We are excited about the positive implications for both patients and physicians, who can now confidently explore music listening as a safe, effective, non-pharmacological treatment option or a complement to therapy.

Listening to music may reduce systolic blood pressure

Bradt J, Dileo C, Potvin N.
SYSTEMIC REVIEW -26 trials (1369 participants).
"The findings of this meta-analysis indicate that listening to music may reduce systolic blood pressure and heart rate and also appears to be effective in reducing anxiety".
This review includes 26 trials with a total of 1369 participants. The trials were small in size. The findings suggest that listening to music have a beneficial effect on systolic blood pressure and heart rate.

Music and medicine: The effects of music on the human being

by Prof. Hans-Joachim Trappe, M.D-University of Bochum.
Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology 16: 133-142, 2012 Music and medicine.
"Various studies suggested that this music, has significant effects on the cardiovascular system and influences significantly heart rate, heart rate variability and blood pressure".
It has been shown that music therapy not only reduced blood pressure, heart rate and patient anxiety but had a significant effect on future events, including reinfection and death (Dr. Predrag Mitroviv, ESC congress 2009, Barcelona).

Certain type of Music Could Reduce Blood Pressure

Luciano Bernard - Professor, Oxford university. Peter sleight - Professor - Pavia university.
Our research has provided improved understanding as to how music, particularly certain rhythms, can affect your heart and blood vessels.

Music not just good for the soul, it's also good for the body

Diana Vetter-MD Zurich university hospital.
Systematic review and met analysis of 23 studies.
The meta-analysis of these studies disclosed significant effects for music on pain after surgery, anxiety, systolic blood pressure.
Music was tied to lower blood pressure and lower heart rate pressure, and heart rate.

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