Topo Melody

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Arm-type Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor with Music Therapy

Display: LCD Digital
Display Size: 84.1mm×55.1mm (3.31″x 2.17″)
Measurement Method: Oscillometric Method
Power Source 4 AA batteries or Medical AC Adapter (recommended, not provided)
Comes with: Headphones, SD card


Listen up – pressure down
Studies in the USA and Europe have shown that listening to a specific music therapy for 25-30
minutes daily leads to significantly lower blood pressure. Topo Melody has applied these studies. Its
system is ready to use and includes the music, SD card, earphones and hardware.

Stress-free measurement mode
By listening to relaxing music followed by the measurement, the patient is freed from stress and gets true and accurate results.

Topo Melody unique 3 modes:
Music Mode – music therapy for blood pressure reduction
Music + Measurement Mode – stress-free measurement results
Measurement-Only Mode – traditional blood pressure method

5 reviews for Topo Melody

  1. Lori C

    I searched many monitors and decided on this one. After using it I am pleased with how easy to use and simple to understand it’s functions. Very happy with my purchase!

  2. Eddie J

    I recommend to have this tool to monitor daily your blood pressure, very easy to use. I’m testing the 30 day program. Hope to see results soon. Love the relaxing music!

  3. Mandi C.

    Easy to use. One person can do it without any problem.
    The readings are accurate as far as we know. Tried it after doctor’s visit and
    the info was close to what the physician told us.
    Now we don’t have to go to the pharmacy or to the fire dept. to get the BP.
    We are satisfied.

  4. Dennis T.

    Very easy to use , I like it

  5. Lewis J.

    Highly recommended – I love the fact that it fits snugly around the arm and is relatively quiet, compared to those annoying ones with the loud beeping sound that add to your anxiety.

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