White Coat Syndrome

The Ultimate Solution To the “White Coat Syndrome”

Many people dread the dentist. Have you ever been nervous in a medical setting? Could it be because of the doctors? Could it be because of the white coats?

The term “white coat syndrome” is coined from the increase in the blood pressure of patients as a result of the medical setting. The human blood pressure is not fixed. It fluctuates. The average human pressure rises and falls in response to what is happening in the environment. The “white coat syndrome” comes into play when you are nervous about your blood pressure being tested by a nurse or a doctor. This is often a huge problem to the doctor as it impedes accurate measurement. The blood pressure of a patient can increase by 30mmHg when anxious.

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Several measures have been discovered in the past decade to combat this syndrome. First is the measuring of your blood pressure at home. This help in boycotting this “white coat syndrome”. The other method is the 24-hour monitoring of the blood pressure. This kind of blood monitoring routine shows in clear detail, how your blood pressure varies throughout the day. The 24-hour monitoring of the blood pressure can be done by wearing a small digital monitor which records the blood pressure automatically over 24 hours.

Despite the improvement that these methods have had in the alleviation of this syndrome, they can be stressful to carry out. This is true especially for entrepreneurs, employees and even students. No one wants to walk around with a digital blood pressure recorder around their wrists. Of course, you definitely do not want to show up at the dinner only to take an excuse to measure your blood pressure. Furthermore, they do not offer a lasting solution to the “White Coat Syndrome”.

TopoMelody Package

According to Dr. Predrag Mitroviv, “It has been shown that music therapy not only reduced blood pressure, heart rate and patient anxiety but had a significant effect on future events, including reinfection and death “.

Topomelody is the first BPM which measures high blood pressure and also offer the option to reduce it. This is as a result of the three unique blood pressure measurement (BPM) modes of Topomelody.

The first mode is the Music therapy mode. This mode allows you to listen to soul soothing melody that calms your nerve. There are several testimonials on the Topomelody website that shows that the scientifically designed music therapy can significantly reduce blood pressure.

The Music + Measurement Mode is the second mode. It is an obvious fact that the mere measurement of the blood pressure, stresses the patient and increase the measurement result. This is the “White Coat Syndrome”. Topomelody’s second mode offers a combined preliminary music relaxation mode while the measurement is ongoing. This results in a stress-free and error-free measurement.

The last mode of Topomelody is the measurement only method. This mode enables a traditional measurement of the blood pressure. Topomelody has really broken the jinx of the “white coat syndrome”.

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Scientifically supported - Studies conducted on music therapy and its relation to the human body have proven that listening to certain tunes can effectively lower blood pressure. TOPOMELODY has applied these studies to blood pressure measurement.
The device has 3 unique modes!

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